About Us

Welcome to CrabApple Road where we love great food! After many years of cooking for family, friends, high school basketball teams and church parties, our founder Diane Jensen has perfected seasonings that take the guess work out of gourmet dishes. After dinners and events Diane began receiving compliments, which led to requests for recipes and finally offers to purchase her special seasonings. With some success selling the seasonings to friends and family, she decided to share them with everyone.

While developing Gresham & Myers rubs, Diane was determined to use only high quality, fresh ingredients. It has always been important to Diane to support U.S. companies and small family owned businesses and she has been fortunate to find both.

 Sustainability has been a focus of CrabApple Road from the beginning when Diane first made her gift crates from recycled wood in a friend’s cabinet shop. As the business grew, she found a supplier who uses scraps of wood from furniture to create the one-of-a-kind items.

 It is our pleasure to bring a bit of joy to your kitchen. Please enjoy Gresham & Myers rubs and let us know what you think. 

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